Medical plan can be offered to large groups, organisation or companies with very competitive premiums. Insurance medical plan can be customized based on each group’s needs.

Our job is to be next to you 24 hours a day home or abroad.  Planning for an unexpected medical event could be worrying and cause a financial drain. Through our Medical plan, we offer a customer-oriented product that has been designed to fulfil all your medical requirements, having the following characteristics:

  • Direct settlement with hospitals and clinics without incurring any additional costs.
  • No upper age limit termination of the contract. It will serve you for as long as you wish.
  • 24 hours Telephone advisory Service.
  • Emergency medical assistance whilst abroad.
  • Extension of Cover Abroad.
  • Direct settlement of hospital bills.
  • Immediate response and resolution of your requirements.
  • Flexibility for coverage combinations to create your own, tailored made plan.
  • Specify the premium through coinsurance option
  • option of annual excess
  • option of private or semi-private room
  • Significant discounts to families.
  • Significant discounts to Group Policies.
  • Flexibility to combine the in-patient plans with one, all or none of the additional benefits.